Dark Field Microscopes for Naturopaths

Dark field microscopy is demanding observation technique, and for effective use, especially at higher magnifications, higher quality optical components, excellent manufacturing tolerances, and high quality control is essential.



CX40 with Oil Dark Field Condensor

Best option for established practices

Prism Optical Pro CX40-DFO

The Prism Optical Pro CX40-DFO is our first option that includes 100⨉ oil immersion objectives and an oil dark field condenser. While a small step up in price, engineering quality and ergonomics are greatly improved.

This is a professional clinical microscope and far outperforms anything else in this price category.

The CX40-DFO is our unreserved first choice for most Naturopaths.


Learn more about the Prism Optical Pro CX40-DFO.


Best option for busy practices or as a shared microscope

Nexcope NE900-DFO

Nexcope is a new brand that is placed as direct competition to the big brands. It offers similar or better performance and quality, but at significantly lower price. The Nexcope NE900-DFO is no exception.

The NE900 series is designed for research and for pathology labs, but offers huge benefits to Naturopaths that share microscope resources, or for operators that spend an extended amount of time on the microscope each day.


Learn more about the Nexcope NE900-DFO.

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