Microscopes for Oil Patch Testing

Microscopes for Oil Patch Testing

Pseudo Incident Light Microscope


  • Portable
  • Light weight
  • In expensive


  • Off centre light source can cast shadows
  • More components
  • More fiddly

Standard configuration


Our E5 microscope is the standard microscope base for this application. We add a multi-port USB power supply to power two LED light sources on goosenecks. This allows the operator to position the light as required and have the lowest footprint as possible.


E5 with Oil Patch Testing Configuration
Eyepieces 10× 18mm, one with graticule
Objectives 4× & 10×
Other available upon request
Illumination 2× USB LED on goosenecks – subject to variability
Stage Size 132 x 140mm
Stage Movement 50 x 76mm
Power Supply 240Vac to 3× USB type A sockets – subject to variability
Warranty Microscope – 3 years. Other components – 1 year


A smaller E30 model can be supplied, however the stage isn’t big enough to allow for traversing a standard petrie dish in both directions.

A camera and c-mount adaptor is strongly recommended, and our entry level GT2 or GT5 cameras are ideal.

If required as a part of a complete patching testing kit, we recommend talking to Clean Lube Solutions

Incident Light Microscope


  • More robust
  • Better ergonomics
  • Superior optics and illumination


  • More expensive
  • Less portable

Standard Configuration

BH200M Incident Light Microscope is an instrument specifically designed for metallurgical work. It has a large frame and stage platform which makes it a better option for frequent use as it is easier to place and move specimen, while also maintaining operator comfort.

Optically and mechanically, the BH200M is the better choice for use in a fixed installation especially when processing a larger volume.


Eyepieces 10×/18mm, one with graticule
Objectives Long working distance 5×/15.5mm & 10×/8.7mm
Others available upon request
Illumination Centerable 6V/30W Halogen Incident Light Source
Stage Size 180 × 145mm
Stage Movement 50 × 76mm
Power Supply 90 – 240Vac
Warranty Microscope – 3 years.


Model Configuration Notes Price
E5-B-OPT E5 Binocular with 4× and 10× objectives, USB PSU, and 2× LED lights
E5-T-OPT2 E5 Trinocular as above plus 2MP camera, c-mount adaptor
E5-T-OPT5 E5 Trinocular as above but with 5MP camera
BH200M-OPT2 BH200M Trinocular with 2MP Camera, and c-mount adaptor
BH200M-OPT5 BH200M Trinocular with 5MP Camera, and c-mount adaptor

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