MDS inverted Metallurgical

The MDS is a Trinocular inverted microscope for examination of metallurgical specimens
Specification chart: ● = standard components ○ = accessories

Items Specification MDS
Eyepieces WF10×/Φ18 ●●
WF10×/Φ20 ○○
WF12.5×/Φ14 ●●
WF16×/Φ13 ○○
Huygenian Ocular 5×/Φ20 ○○
WF10×/Φ18 (Reticule)
Plan Achromatic Objectives Plan 2.5×/0.07
Plan 4×/0.10
Plan 10×/0.25
Plan 20×/0.35(S)
Plan 40×/0.65(S)
Plan 100×/1.25(S)(Oil)
Trinocular Head Inclined 45°, Light Distribution:20:80
Mechanical Stage Travel Range: 50mm×40mm
Size: 180mm×165mm
Stage Plate 1(Φ10)
Set of Stage Plate
Main Body
Polarizing Slide
Analyzing Slide
Illuminator 6V/30W Halogen Lamp
Spare Lamp: 2 pcs
Spare Fuse: 2 pcs
Filters Blue, Green, Grey, White
1× C-mountr Available for Digital Camera
0.6× C-mount Available for Digital and Video
Digital Camera  Adapter available for SLR type
Micrometer Division 0.01mm

A full range of cameras can be fitted to this microscope

Packing Size: 586mm x 586mm x 330mm
Gross Weight: 14.5 kgs
Net Weight: 11 kgs

Download brochure MDS :MDS Metallurgical Microscope. pdf

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