Microscope Bulbs

We have a comprehensive range of bulbs in stock:

Part NumberDescriptionList price
B-0402-943ZEISS Narva 6v 30w$56.00
B-1234512v 20w Bulb G4 Base, BI-PIN$7.00
B-13347WPhilips 6v 15w lamp$23.00
B-13528PHPhilips 6v 15wreflector Lamp$46.40
B-380018-1730-000Zeiss 6v 15w bulb with centering ring$66.00
B-55.5023Osram 24V 50W Lamp$22.00
B-5761/HLX642656v 30w bulb, G4$21.00
B-642236v 10w, G4 Base$15.60
B-6426112v 30w G6.35$16.00
B-644106v 10w Bulb G4 base$6.10
B-64512JC24V 300W$30.00
B-6550/EVB15v 150w bulb$20.00
B-681/34.3Narva 6v 15w Bulb$28.00
B-7238NA1/186 12v 100w, BA 15S base$19.00
B-7387/642256v 10w bulb G4 base ESA$8.00
B-7388/642506v 20w Bulb G4 ESB$12.00
B-A1/249-30588GE 240v 300w Black Cap Bulb$35.00
B-BRK4v 0.75A P30S G27$5.30
B-CP/74-6994C240v 2000w Theatre Lamp$170.00
B-CP71240V 100W Lamp$52.00
B-CP72240v 2000w Lamp$49.35
B-CP81/6872P240v 300w Lamp$34.70
B-DDLDDL 20v 150w$26.00
B-DDM19V 80W, MR16 GX5.3$20.00
B-DXXDXX 240v 800w Bulb$18.00
B-DYRDYR 240v 650w Bulb$22.00
B-EFM/6847Philips 8v 50w, GZ6.35$22.00
B-EHE/HLX64626EHE 12v 100W$19.80
B-EJM21v 150w Halogen GX5.3$30.00
B-EKE21v 150w bulb$29.85
B-EMF (P2/11F)240v 800w Frost Globe$23.00
B-ENXLamp 82v 360w Dichroic$26.40
B-EPX14.5v 90w EPX Bulb$25.90
B-EXV12v 100w bulb MR16,GX5.3$26.00
B-F15T8/15WHitachi 15w Fluoro Tube$25.00
B-FCL-22-BLFL 22w Circular black light T9$33.60
B-FCL-22W 5K22watt 5K circular lamp$10.30
B-FCS/HLX6464024v 150w Lamp$5.10
B-FDTFDT 12v 100wA1/261$28.00
B-GE.78.7066V 10W Bulb$20.00
B-HLX64625/7023FCR 12v 100w$10.00
B-HLX64627-6834EFP 12v 100w Bulb, GZ6.35$18.00
B-HLX64634EFR 15v 150w$16.00
B-HLX64653ELC 24v 250w (A1/259) GX5.3$21.00
B-HLX64655EHJ (7748S) A1/223 24v250w$4.50
B-JCR 12V 10W MR1112V 10W MR11 dichroic$7.50
B-JCR-M6v 20w MR-11 Reflector bulb$14.00
B-JPD1000 (P2/35)240v 1000w Lamp$60.00
B-JPD800DXX 240v 800w$32.00
B-L/H G9.5Lamp housing ceramic with$32.00
B-L/H ST216/F20 G4G4-GX4 Lamp Holders$12.80
B-L/H ST217-2/F-32Lamp Bases$14.00
B-L/H ST224-2/F22Lamp Holder$12.00
B-LEDG4 MR11MR11 9 LED 12v$32.00
B-LEDG4 SIDELED Side Ent 10 LED 12v$25.90
B-MXA203166V 15W Tungsten Bulb BA15d$22.80
B-OLY30WSBTungsten Bulb 120V 30W$17.30
B-OLY6V2AGB4-CLEAROlympus 6V 2amp tungsten bulb,$16.00
B-OLYMF6V2AGB4-FROSTOlympus Bulb 6V 2A Tungsten$16.00
B-P2/11240v 800w Lamp$16.00
B-P2/12240V 1250W Lamp$19.30
B-P2/20-7786R240v 1000w Halogen bulb$28.00
B-P2/7-13989R240v 1000w Halogen bulb$50.00
B-P703Deuterium Lamp$380.00
B-PF217E240v 250w Photolita$16.60
B-PF308EArgaphoto PF308E 240v 500w$15.20
B-PF603EPF603E 75w ES$7.50
B-PF605EPF605E 150w ES$7.50
B-PF607E240v 250w Photocrescent$9.00
B-SA-404Bulb Rubber for Sphygmo$7.00
B-SA-A2100Rochester Carmalt str. 16cm$15.10
B-SL-272612v 50w bulbs$9.00
B-SL-321612v 5w bulbs$9.00
B-SL-321712v 10w bulbs$9.00
B-T/14-6996C240v 1000w P28S cap fitting$70.00
B-T/1-559C240v 500w, P28S base$55.00
B-T/18-64684240v 500W Theatre Lamp$30.00
B-T/19-6996P240v 1000w Theatre Bulb$30.00
B-T/23-6997C240v 1000w Theatre Bulb P28S$35.00
B-T/24-6800C240v 500w P28s cap$40.00
B-T/26-64718240v 650 Tungsten Lamp, GY9.5$30.00
B-T-05.88.079Bulb for Boroscope$56.00

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