Microscope Illumination

Fibre Optic Light Sources

Prism Optical offers a 35W LED Fibre Optic Light Source. It is bright and has quiet, active cooling and offers a standard 5/8″ socket for common Fibre Optic Light Guides.

Please note that Light Guides are not included and are available separately.

Illumination Type LED Light
Adjustable Brightness Yes, rotating potentiometer
Fibre Cable Connection 5/8′′
Light Power Output (Max) 35W
Input Voltage AC 85–265V 50/60Hz
Power Cord Connector Type IEC Plug to AU plug
List Price $690 excluding GST and freight

Fibre Optic Light Guides

Light Guides are the components that efficiently transmit light from the source to the area of interest. Fibre optic illumination is ideal in situations where bright, even, and adjustable light with minimal heat transfer is required.

Type List Price
CL–1 Single Point Light Guide   $145
CL–2 Double Point Light Guide   $235
CL-RL Ring Light Guide   $395

LED Ring Lights

LEDs offer a cost effective alternative to fibre optic illumination. While relatively inexpensive, LED right lights are slightly less diffuse, and have a high colour temperature. Some models have the ability to turn individual segments on and off, and all offer the ability to easily adjust brightness.

Other sizes and colours are available. Let us know if you have questions.

YK-B144T LED ring light

YK-B144T LED ring light with segment selection and brightness control.

YK-D35T 35mm LED ring light

YK-D35T 35mm LED ring light for compound microscopes.

SKU Type LEDs Brightness Temperature Segment Selection Dimmable List Price
M-YK-B144T 62mm White LED 144 20,000 lux @100mm 6,400K Yes Yes $195
M-YK-D35T 35mm White LED 96 13,000 lux @ 100mm 6,400K No Yes $99
M-YK-D100 60 – 100mm White LED 168 6,500K No Yes $240

Special Purpose Ring Lights

We have a range of special purpose LED ring lights that are better suited for industrial, commercial and manufacturing applications. Polarosed and UV Free illuminators are also available upon request.

M-MA347102 LED Diffusor

Diffused LED illuminator for electronics work.

YK-UV365 LED ring light

YK-UV365 365nm UV LED ring light for compound microscopes.

SKU Type LEDs Brightness Temperature Segment Selection Dimmable List Price
M-YK-UV365 62mm 365nm UV 56 60,000 lux @ 10mm 365nm No Yes $308
M-YK-UV395 62mm 395nm UV 56 60,000 lux @ 10mm 395nm No Yes $308
M-MA347102 Circular LED illuminator with diffuser for removal of solder glints. 72 No Yes $430

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