Kestrel 2500 Weather Meter

Kestrel Meter 2500 Green 1800x1800

Similar to the Kestrel 2000 but adds in a pressure sensor for altitude and barometric pressure. A three-hour pressure trend indicator (an arrow on the screen showing the trend) helps you predict fish and wildlife activity and know when the weather’s going to turn nasty.

Kestrel makes very advanced meters, like the 4500 and now Ballistic specific models for shooters, snipers, and hunters. The 2500 is a very common one we sell for shooters as a less expensive option with really, all the main features a marksman would need.


  • Current Wind Speed
  • Maximum Wind Gust
  • Average Wind Speed
  • Air, Water & Snow Temperature
  • Wind Chill
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Altitude
  • Real-time clock

Pricing and ordering information

SKU: KES-0825
SKU: KES-0825NV  Kestrel 2500 with Night Vision (back light)

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