pH Pocket-sized Testers

pHTester10 0.1pH res, -1-15pH

pHTester 20, 0.01pH res, 1-15pH

pHTester 30 +Temp, 0.01pHres, 1-15pH

A new range of value-for-money, quality pH Testers.

EcoTestr pH1, 0.1pH res, 0-14pH

EcoTestr pH2, 0.1pH res, 0-14pH, 3 point calibration ATC

HANNA® pHep 4 pH/Temperature Tester,

Range -2.0 to 16.0 pH


EcoScan pH5. 0.01-pH + Temp 0-100°C

Economical pH measurement

pH/°C 0-14pH

EcoScan pH6 Economical pH, ORP measurement.

pH/mV/°C, 0–14pH

CyberScan pH600 – Waterproof portable.


-2.00 to 19.99 pH

500 data sets

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