Lutron Fruit gauge
Digital Fruit Tester
Lutron Weather Meter
Weather Meter












Lutron manufacture a large range of economical instruments for a wide range of measurements.

These include recording data and computer programs for viewing of data.

List of instruments include:

Air Quality meters with Oxygen ,Carbon Dioxide, humidity probes




Environment Meters

Force gauges

Fruit Hardness Testers

Heat Index


Light Meters, Lux Meters

Power meters

Pressure Control Meters

Revolution counters RPM


Sound Level meters


Thermometers Contact probe and Infrared.

UV Light Meters

Vibration Meters

Vacuum Meters


As there is a large range of instruments many with multi functions, as well as data recording facility, please contact us with you instrument requirements so we may forward relevant documents and a quotation.

Go to Lutron web site and select the instrument for your application


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