Kestrel Pocket Weather Meters

Functions 1000 2000 2500 3000 3500 4000 4200 4250 4500
Wind Speed
Max Wind
Av Wind Speed
Wind Chill *
Rel Humidity
Humidity ratio
Heat Stress Index *
Dewpoint temp
Wet Bulb Temp *
Barometric Pressure *
Density Altitude
Backlit Display
Pressure Trend *
Data storage
Data Upload
Volume Air Flow
Digital Compass
Wind Direction
Air Density
Cross Wind

* Hidden function turned off by default

Kestrel 1000 Wind Speed Max & Average                                                                                   

Kestrel 2000 Wind Speed, Temp & Chill factor                                                                            

Kestrel 2500 Wind Speed, Temp, Baro, Altitude                                                                          

Kestrel 3000 Wind Speed, Temp & Chill factor, Humidity, Dew Point                                            


Kestrel 3500 Wind Speed, Temp, Humidity, Heat Stress, Dewpoint, Baro, Altitude

Kestrel 3500 Delta T Wind Speed,Temp, RH, Dewpoint, Baro,Altitude, for Crop spraying

Kestrel 4000 “Grey” Wind Speed etc. plus Barometric, Altitude, Graphing                                    

Kestrel 4000 “Orange” Wind Speed etc. plus Barometric, Altitude, Graphing

Kestrel 4200 Pocket Air Flow Tracker (to suit HVAC Industry), barometric pressure

Kestrel 4250  Racing Weather Tracker to obtain data for setting motor function parameters.

Kestrel 4300 Construction Weather Tracker

Kestrel 4500 Wind Speed, Temp, Humidity, Dewpoint, Baro, Altitude, Compass

NEW NV MODELS FOR THE MILITARY,Olive Drab colour Same features as above.

Order as eg.4500NV. Available as indent items (2 weeks delivery)

Models available in NV style: 2500,3500, 4000, 4500. NV = Night Vision.


K-0804USB Computer Interface & Software USB version

K-0806 Kestrel 4000 Molle/Pals Carry case black, brown, green                                                       

K-0833 K4000 Hard Carry Case – Targus-neoprene with belt loop                                               

K-0801 Replacement Impellor – suits all models                                                                             

K-0802 RH Calibration Kit                                                                                                            

K-0807 Portable Mini Tripod                                                                                                          

K-0791 Portable Wind Vane Mount for Kestrel 4000 series only

K-0792 Lightweight Monopod

Kestrel Meters are made in USA and have an excellent reputation for accuracy, particularly in low wind speed readings.

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