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Miry Map Boards

Part number Description Miry-BP11WR25.4 Miry Bike PRO map holder for bars 25.4mm dia Miry-BP11WR31.8 Miry Bike PRO map holder for bars 31.8mm dia Miry-SP11WR Miry Ski & Kayak worn on chest Miry-11WR-B Replacement Board for 11WR Miry-11WR-PC Replacement plastic cover for 11WR Miry-JOJO JO JO card holder with retractable string S-34934 Silva type 19L map […]

Silva Compasses

Silva compasses have been the benchmark of field type compasses for many years, with a large range to suit most applications from Orienteering, Hiking, Kayaking, etc. Silva Field 7 One of the worlds most purchased compass Perfect compass for land navigation. Scale 1:50000 & 1:25000P/No 36785 P/No 36989 Cases(empty) for 28 compasses available P/n 37163 […]

Silva Military Compasses

Silva Military compasses bezels are marked in 6400 div instead of the standard compasses 360 deg. Silva Ranger 3/6400 Medium baseplate compass with magnifier and mm & inch ruler Luminous ideal for Air & military cadets etc. Nato # 6605-66-046-9199 P/No. 336896 Silva Expedition 4/6400 Larger baseplate compass with extra scales. Magnifier mm & inch scales […]

Silva Orienteering Compasses

Specialised Orienteering Compasses are synonymous with needle stability, speed and ease of use. NEW SILVA RACE for 2017 Please find technical information in pdf Silva Race Orienteering Compasses:Silva Race Compasses 2015.pdf   NOR SPECTRA We re-designed our popular NOR series and gave them more transparency for increased map visibility. The baseplate also features a new design […]

Orienteering and Outdoor Education

Explore the wonderful world of nature and get close to it. Orienteering is a program of outdoor education using map and compass. Map and compass skills can be further enjoyed through competitive Orienteering. SO-5500030Control Marker-Official Size 30cm x 30cm International colours, weatherproof colours pkts of 10 SO-5500015Control Marker-School 15x15cm pkts of 10 Restricted area size. […]

Mirror Mapping Stereoscope

Geoscope Standard – Mirror Stereoscope Australian Design Award Winner These Stereoviewers have been designed and manufactured with the aim of providing you with quality at an affordable price. Please contact us for pricing details. The materials used including, ABS plastic, chrome surface mirrors and crown glass lenses ensure sharp, clear images and an instrument that […]

Gerber Gear

For a full range of Gerber Knives and Multi tools Please check out the web page and contact us for pricing and stock. (Please note that not all equipment is imported into Australia with many knives restricted.) www.gerbergear.com

Silva Equipment

Silva not only produce compasses but also have an excellent range of headlights, pedometers, binoculars, altimeters, solar panels etc. For more information on these please look on the website and contact us for pricing and stock situation. www.silva.se

Silva Specials

Silva Specials is for equipment that has been superseded or about to be. The Warranty may vary so please check with us. Please download list and forward us an e-mail to check on availability. Silva Specials Price List:Silva Specials July 2017.pdf

Silva Compasses

Silva Gear compasses etc . These are superseded gear at below trade prices in new condition. Please download price list below and contact us for availability etc. SILVA Special Price List:Silva Specials Feb 2015.pdf

Compasses for Geology

SIOS has been selling and repairing compasses for many years so can offer advice on the correct compass for your application. See also Silva compasses in our product list.

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