Portable Magnification

Hand Magnifiers

A selection of Magnifiers for all types of applications. Please contact us for pricing details. G-2732   23mm dia, 10x magnification folding metal loupe Carton brand G-2733    10x Achromatic 17.45mm dia lens, folding metal loupe, Carton  brand. G-2734 20x Achromatic folding metal loupe,17.45mm dia, RG1021 Triplet 10x& 20x (18 & 12) R-G1081 Gem Loupes Triplet 10x (21mm), R-G1020 […]

Hand Loupes

BelOMO Loupes These loupes outperform other brands that are many times more expensive. BelOMO 8x Loupe BelOMO 10x Loupe BelOMO 12x Loupe BelOMO 15x Loupe BelOMO 20x Loupe BEL-DF0814 – BelOMO 8x Achromatic Doublet Folding Loupe 14mm BEL-TF1021 – BelOMO 10x Achromatic Triplet Folding Loupe 21mm BEL-TF1209 – BelOMO 12x Achromatic Triplet Folding Loupe 21mm […]

Illuminated Magnifiers

  LSX Magnifier with 3 diopter 160 mm diameter lens. illumination 22w watt circular Fluorescent Reach 830mm supplied with G clamp base Options: LSX- lens LSM12 Heavy floor base available.     LSZ  Magnifier with 3 diopter rectangular swiveling lens 160 x 105mm Reach 960mm Illumination: 3x 9W PL shadowless light switchable settings 9w, 18w, […]

Measuring Magnifiers

  PORTABLE SHOP MAGNIFIERS Portable Shop Microscopes Available in 20, 40x, 50x, 100x. With Scale and penlight The PM 121 series of portable measuring microscopes allows direct reading of measurements in mm or inches. a penlight provides illumination. Heights or thickness can be measured as the focusing ring is graduated. I div =0.1mm. Eyepiece cameras […]
Portable measuring microscope

Portable measuring microscopes

Ideal for precise depth measurement & field inspection

Portable microscopes

Single objective portable microscopes for workshop or field microscopy from 20x to 100x total magnification.

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