Prism Optical

Our great value, good performing microscopes.


M100FLED Student Microscope

A simple and robust way to help students explore

M100FBM Junior Student Microscope

Binocular student microscope with mechanical stage.
E3 Student microscope

E3 Senior Student Microscope

A small format and capable compound microscope that is ideal for senior students.
E5 Biological microscope

E5 Biological Microscope

A versatile small biological microscope.

EX30 Biological Microscope

The EX30 is our workhorse biological microscope.

BH200P – Asbestos Identification

An affordable polarised light microscope ideal for Asbestos Identification and entry-level petrography.

BH200M – Incident Light Microscope

An affordable metallurgical microscope with polarised light, long working distance objectives and incident light.
Portable measuring microscope

Portable measuring microscopes

Ideal for precise depth measurement & field inspection

EX33 Series Biological Microscope

    EX33 Series NEW Convenient, comfortable and efficient. The NEW EX33 Biological Microscope is designed for Universities, Laboratories in the field of Biomedicine, Veterinary etc. High quality, excellent optical system, and comfortable to use. Various additional techniques such as Dark Field, Phase Contrast, Polarization, Fluorescence Rechargeable by using a USB Portable Power Source. When […]


  IEM200M is an econimical professional inverted metallurgical microscope. Equipped with Long Working Distance Plan Metallurgical Objectives. High quality  mechanical structure, and optics. With coaxial mechanical stage. Trinocular head allows the addition of cameras via C mount. Optical system finity(160mm) colour corrected optical system Viewing head Gemel trinocular,45°inclined,Diopter adjustment ±5 for each side  Interpupillary distance […]

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