Asbestos Analysis Tools

Stereomicroscopes for Asbestos Sample Preparation

Cost effective Stereomicroscopes for sample preparation We have a range of stereomicroscopes to suit most needs and budgets. SMZ0745 – great value, good performance (0.45x – 7x objectives; 10x/20mm, 15x/16mm, 20x/12mm eyepieces) SZN71 – better optical performance and engineering (0.45x – 7x objectives with discrete steps; 10x/22mm, 15x/16mm, 20x/12.5mm) Please note: some protocols need a […]

BH200P – Asbestos Identification

Affordable PLM for Asbestos Identification. The Prism Optical BH200P is the polarised light microscope variant of the BH200 family. It is ideal for medium duty lab usage, and can be used in field. The standard configuration includes: 10×/20mm eyepieces, one with graticule 4×, 10×, and 40× plan destressed objectives Optional: 10× objective with central stop […]

Phase Contrast Microscope for Asbestos Fibre Counting

Affordable, reliable and easy to use. The Prism Optical EX30 is the ideal microscope for asbestos fibre counting. Combined with 10× and 40× phase contrast objectives and condenser sliders, a G22 Walton & Beckett graticule, and an HSE/NPL slide, this instrument offers a wide and clear field of view for extended use. We’ve specified these […]

Cargille Certified Refractive Index Oils

We stock a small range of Cargille Certified refractive index oils, and will gladly order-in whatever you need. Usually kept on hand: CL-RI-1.550 – Cargille Labs Certified Refractive Index Oil, Series E HD, nD=1.550, 7cc CL-RI-1.670 – Cargille Labs Certified Refractive Index Oil, Series B, nD=1.670,7cc CL-RI-1.700 – Cargille Labs Certified Refractive Index Oil, Series […]