Hand Held Refractometers

Alcohol / Wine Refractometers

Alcohol and Wine Refractometers These are for measuring the concentration of alcohol and the sugar in grapes, grape juice, and wine to enable the manufacturer to decide the best time to process the grape.

Clinical Refractometers

Clinical Refractometers These clinical refractometers are used for both vetinary and human clinics. They feature a triple scale indicating Urine Specific Gravity (sg), Total Serum Protein (SP g/100ml), and Refractive Index (nD).

Honey RHBN-90ATC Hand Refractometer

Honey Refractometers This refractometer is designed for apiaists and honey processors. They show the three most common indices of honey – sugar (brix), baume and water content.

Refractometers for Fruit & Berry Growers

Sugar, Beverage, Fruit and Berry Refractometers Commonly called Brix Refractometers, these models have been developed for working with liquids with large sugar concentrations (fruit juice, soft- drinks, wine, honey). Refractometers provide critical information to ensure product quality.

Refractometers for the Automotive Industry

Automotive & Industrial Refractometers These refractometers are used to measure automotive and industrial fluids. Only a small sample is needed. This range is designed for ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, battery acid, and cleaning fluids.

Refractometers for Cutting Oils

Cutting Oil Refractometers Used to check the quality of cutting oils.

Salinity Refractometers

Salinity Refractometers Hand held salinity refractometers are often used in clinical, research, aquarium, and industry.

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