G-HS (Chinese) Hand Spectroscope

The hand held spectroscope in visible light shows the spectral lines of the element that produces its colour. Proper use requires training and use of appropriate light sources. It helps to separate ruby (chrome) against red or pink sapphire (iron) to name only one example.

SH (Japan) Hand Spectroscope

SH-202 (Japan) Hand Spectroscope with adjustable slit   high quality SH-205 (Japan) Hand spectroscope with adj. slit and scale

G-CF Chelsea Filter

Designed to transmit red & yellow green light. Emeralds appear red or pink in colour while most imitations remain green.

G-RF Ruby Filter

Ruby Filter is a filter that is extremely useful in differentiating red stones such as Ruby, Spinel, Tourmaline, and Garnets from others that might look similar in comparison. Using it is as simple as holding the filter close to your eye, look at the stones, examine your gems and reveal their true identity.

G-D Dichroscope

Used to show if stone is Diachroic (reflects 2 colours) Used to differentiate stones of the same colour, useful to identify Gems that are still in the rough, or in a setting.

Bench Polariscopes

Polariscopes are used to quickly and easily check if gemstones are single or double refracting. Very useful in identifying Moissanite, and detecting strains in diamonds, and other gems. Polariscopes are also used to separate synthetic amethyst from genuine. This desktop instrument has a built in light source. R-P-2GC Bench Polariscope with gem Clamp R-G-P Bench […]

G-HHPol Hand Held Polariscope

In case with attachable torch to check if gemstones are single or double refracting. Ideal for field use

RGM-181 Gemmological Refractometer

Gemmological Refractometers are used to measure the Refractive Index of gemstones, as well as the index double Refraction. Through the parameter you can judge whether a gem is uniaxial or biaxial photo-positive or photo-negative.   RGM-181 : Gemmological Refractometer  1.30 to 1.81 RI ± 0.01 Scale division 0.01  (LED illumination built in 589nm) CZ hard […]


Dark field loupe with a special area that enables you to view a gem against a black background with strong lateral lighting. 10 x magnification as in a standard loupe

Hand Loupes

BelOMO Loupes These loupes outperform other brands that are many times more expensive. BelOMO 8x Loupe BelOMO 10x Loupe BelOMO 12x Loupe BelOMO 15x Loupe BelOMO 20x Loupe BEL-DF0814 – BelOMO 8x Achromatic Doublet Folding Loupe 14mm BEL-TF1021 – BelOMO 10x Achromatic Triplet Folding Loupe 21mm BEL-TF1209 – BelOMO 12x Achromatic Triplet Folding Loupe 21mm […]

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