HDMI Cameras

Choosing an HDMI Camera

Here is a quick reference guide of our HDMI Cameras. The key feautures are summarised here. If you need any assistance, please contact us. All 720 and 1080 models listed below are available with or with out a special high dot pitch, small format display. HDMI Cameras by Purpose Presentation Cameras By Resolution By Network […]


TP-XFCAM1080PHD is both simultaneously a HDMI and a WiFi camera.   Users can connect at least 3x  WiFi devices of  either Windows, Mac, Android to view the microscope image at full 1080P (1920 x 1080) and capture the image or movie, at the same time view on HDMI screen. Ideal for demonstration and teaching application. […]

Truechrome Metrics with measurements

      The Truechrome Metrics allows users to measure a range of parameters live on screen without a computer being attached. The data can be saved in Excel or txt format. Images with measurements can be saved onto the on-board SD card. The Menu is mouse driven. The software allows upto 10 spatial calibrations […]

HD Lite

A low cost, high performance HDMI camera with USB2 and SD Card

TrueChrome 4K Pro

NEW! Fast, high resolution HDMI camera with SD card, USB flash drive, and gigabit ethernet.


3D Super EDF Microscope Camera A smart camera that can directly obtain microscopic 3D images and measure them,upgrading your microscope’s observation and analysis competence! 3D Super EDF Microscope Camera – Tmetrics C20The C20 camera integrates features of high integration and flexibility, it can be directly used on reflectivemicroscopes without any additional modification, the operation is […]


  The XCAMTOP4K series camera is the next-generation live-view imaging-system with 4K resolution(Video) at 30 FPS. It comes with Sony Exmor CMOS sensor with high sensitivity, low dark current and no smear achieved through the adoption of R, G and B primary colour mosaic filters. Multiple outputs of HDMI, USB,LAN, and Wifi with USB LAN […]


                  TP-X7CAM4K Series HDMI/NETWORK/USB 3.0 WiFi Outputs C-mount CMOS Camera • Sony STARVIS 2 back-illuminated CMOS sensor • 4K HDMI/ NETWORK/ USB multiple video synchronous outputs • 4K/1080P auto switching according to monitor resolution • High frame rate output, supporting up to 4K 75fps • Support 4K […]

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