Our range of cameras and accessories. These cameras are suitable for microscopes, telescopes, machine visions and other industrial uses.

WAT-221S DSP Color camera

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WAT-902H3 Supreme

Watec Watec have a large range of colour and low light monochrome cameras, I have only listed a few models. Please see under Cameras for Astronomy for ultra sensitive monochrome cameras, please contact us if you require more information. The Watec model 902H3 is one of the many Watec Monochrome low light camera     […]

Truechrome Metrics with measurements

      The Truechrome Metrics allows users to measure a range of parameters live on screen without a computer being attached. The data can be saved in Excel or txt format. Images with measurements can be saved onto the on-board SD card. The Menu is mouse driven. The software allows upto 10 spatial calibrations […]

HD Lite

A low cost, high performance HDMI camera with USB2 and SD Card


TP-XFCAM1080PHD is both simultaneously a HDMI and a WiFi camera.   Users can connect at least 3x  WiFi devices of  either Windows, Mac, Android to view the microscope image at full 1080P (1920 x 1080) and capture the image or movie, at the same time view on HDMI screen. Ideal for demonstration and teaching application. […]

Michrome Microscope Camera Series

Dual core USB3 industrial and biological cameras

Dhyana 400BSI V2.0

The Dhyana 400BSI V2.0 is an extremely sensitive scientific camera. It has been designed specifically for quantitative analysis applications. This camera can either be either water or forced-air cooled, depending on the level of noise sensitivity required. Forced-air cooling gives a typical dark current of 0.15e-/p/s while water cooling gives 0.10e-/p/s. It has excellent ultra-low […]

Dhyana 95

High sensitivity, low noise, backside illuminated (BSI) SCMOS camera with a wide field of view. The Dhyana 95 has it’s peak Quantum Efficiency (95%) at 560nm, and a wide dynamic range. Excellent signal to noise ratio: Capable in challenging conditions: STORM Super resolution imaging:

Entry Level Cameras

Entry level cameras Cost effective c-mount cameras for basic imaging Our entry level cameras offer excellent value for money with fast capture rates and high resolutions. GT series USB2 | Windows or Mac | Simple to use Excellent performing cameras with intuitive and easy to use software. 2MP, 5MP, 12MP options available. Read more CP […]

Mid Tier Cameras

We have an extensive range of higher performance cameras that are better suited for low light, high speed, video or high sensitivity applications.

HDMI Cameras

HDMI camera C-mount cameras with HDMI output for eyes-up and presentation applications How to select an HDMI Camera Presentation Cameras Eyes-up Working Cameras Presentation cameras Presentation cameras are used to project microscopy images onto a larger screen. They can often replace a computer for basic image capture, annotation, and measurement. XCAM0720 720p | USB2 A […]

Scientific Cameras

Eyepiece Cameras

Eyepiece cameras Simple camera options for all microscopes Eyepiece cameras are our simplest and most cost effective microscope imaging option. They replace one eyepiece and provide entry level photo and video capture. Will work with any microscope that can accept a 23mm eyepiece and adapters are available for larger eyepieces (30mm, or 30.5mm) with Windows […]

Standard Eyepiece Cameras

Great Value Eyepiece Cameras Eyepiece cameras 23mm dia are a great entry way into digital microscopy and are suitable for use with any microscope including student models. These cameras are placed in the eyepiece tube and connected to a PC or Mac by USB2.0 for image capture, analysis and manipulation. Importantly, these eyepiece cameras include […]

Higher Performance Eyepiece Cameras

Eyepiece Camera with fast video capture We also have a USB3 5MP eyepiece camera. This is a cost effective way to add basic video capture functionality to any microscope. However, this model has a smaller field of view (greater magnification) than what you’d see through the same eyepiece as it does not include a reduction […]

Eyepiece Camera Adaptors

Attach any camera to a microscope eyepiece We have options to mount c-mount cameras to most sizes of eyepiece tubes. 0.5x c-mount to 23mm eyepiece 0.45x c-mount to 23mm eyepiece 23mm to 30mm eyepiece adaptor 23mm to 30.5mm eyepiece adaptor
Microscope cameras

GT Series Cameras

Great value general purpose microscope cameras The Tucsen GT microscope cameras are excellent value entry level cameras. They offer clear and accurate images in 2, 5 or 12MP. Video capture is smooth  SKU Sensor Frame Rate and Resolution Shutter Pixel Size   Connection Type Optical Attachment TS-GT12 12MP 1/2.33″ CMOS 15 @ 4000×3000 Rolling 1.335μm […]

C3 Series Cameras

The main benefit of the C3 c-mount microscope cameras is that they transfer images and video much more quickly over USB3. In addition to the basic capture and measurement features, these cameras also offer some more advanced features like extended depth of field. Technical Specifications Model TP-C3-5 TP-C3-12 Sensor 5MP 1/2.5” 12MP 1/2.3” Physical Connection […]

TP Series Cameras

  Faster, USB3.0 more sensitive c-mount microscope cameras. Available in 5MP ,10MP &18MP variants (16MP available upon request). Model TP5 TP10 TP18 Sensor 5MP 1/2.5” 10MP 1/2.3” 18MP 1/2.3” Physical Connection C-Mount C-Mount C-Mount Digital Connection USB3.0 USB3.0 USB3.0 Recommended C-Mount 0.35x – 0.5X 0.5X 0.5x Frame rate and Resolution 15.5@2592×194449.5@1296×97297.5@648×486 8.5@3664×274849@1832×1374137@912×686 5.6@4912×368418.1@2456×184232.2@1228×922 Software ToupView […]

Choosing an Economy Level Camera

In recent times, CMOS sensor technology has rapidly advanced and great performing cameras are available for excellent prices. We’ve carefully selected a range of cameras that best meet the needs of our customer. We have found cost-effective options for many different applications. Please contact us for further information. Economy Level Camera Options GT Series Excellent […]

Digi Retina 16 High resolution camera

  The Digi Retina 16 is a high resolution camera CMOS   USB3.0 camera Ideal for stereo microscopy application        Fast data= Fast frame rates  16 MP (4608x 3456)@ 4fps   25fps(2304×1728)@4MP    FPGA Dual Processor The innovative dual FPGA processors, FPGA1 for high definition image quality and FPGA2 for image transfer, guarantees superb […]

UNIVIEW 1080P Camera System

            UniView Wifi  System for Classrooms. This IP system allows the instructor to look at individual microscopes in a class situation and to display on large HDMI screens, or to network by using WiFi to the whole classroom. Full 1080P and 4K HD camera can be mounted on microscopes or […]

TP-705000A 5 MP CCD USB camera

                TP-705000A is a Sony CCD ICX282AQ  (2/3″ CCD ideal to use on 1x C mounts), high quality colour camera with USB2.0 computer connection Technical information please view pdf:TP-705000 CCD 5MP camera. pdf TP705000A 5MP CCD camera Special Price $995.00 ex GST

Dhyana 400DC

      DHYANA 400DC colour camera The Dhyana 400DC, thanks to its sensitivity, perfect colour reproduction and impressive noise minimization, results in a new capability which has formerly been unavailable in the field of scientific imaging. High Sensitivity Color sCMOS Sensor  As a result of the breakthrough performance of the scientific grade color CMOS […]

Dhyana V2 BSI sCMOS

Affordable sCMOS Camera with High Performance Features 95% Quantµm Efficiency and Excellent SNR Large 2″ Sensor for Very Wide Field of View High Dynamic Range and Large Pixels Technical Specifications     Sensor size 2″ Sensor model Backside-illµminated sCMOS Color/Monochrome Monochrome Quantµm efficiency 95%@560nm Effective Pixels Count 2048(H) x 2048(V) Pixel size 11µm x 11µm […]

Choosing an HDMI Camera

Here is a quick reference guide of our HDMI Cameras. The key feautures are summarised here. If you need any assistance, please contact us. All 720 and 1080 models listed below are available with or with out a special high dot pitch, small format display. HDMI Cameras by Purpose Presentation Cameras By Resolution By Network […]

Low Light Cameras

SIOS has a range of Low light cameras USB3.0 from 3MPto 20MP These are ideal for Dark Field microscopy with fast frame rate for viewing live and Image and Movie capture. With different CMOS sizes to suit your C mount coupler. Please contact us for more information. So we can suggest the best system for […]


        WEUCAM4MPA   This is an economic versatile 4MP camera. Output via USB ,LAN or WiFi. Powered by 5V so can be used away from mains by using USB Power Pack. Couple with Prism Optical rechargeable microscopes for field use, and capture images via WiFi on your phone, tablet or laptop. Note […]


WECAM5MPA This is a very versatile 5MP Sony Exmore back illuminated CMOS sensor C mount camera. LAN,WLAN (WiFI) (QAP/STA mode) Powerful ISP functions Image View for PC.   IOS/Android app for Smart Phones and Tablets. Connect multi-cameras to a router for network application. Connect a camera to a router for multi user application. Note without a […]

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