Michrome Microscope Camera Series

Dual core USB3 industrial and biological cameras

Michrome Cameras feature high quality Sony CMOS sensors, dual core signal processing, fast USB3.0 data transfer, and high sensitivity.

These cameras are ideally suited for more demanding microscopic imaging techniques like dark field, phase contrast, DIC, and fluorescence.

Available in three resolution options, the Michrome range has an option to suit most applications. 

Michrome 5 Pro

Very sensitive with a global shutter, this is an ideal camera for fluorescence applications.

Michrome 20

Large sensor, high resolution camera for applications that need high fidelity images that have headroom for digital magnification.

Michrome 16

An affordable, higher resolution camera with 1/2.3″ sensor.

Michrome 6

A cost effective camera the brings the advanced image processing capabilities of Mosaic to general purpose microscopy.

Key features

Extended Depth of Field

Extended Depth of Field is a modern, quick and effective replacement to z-stacking hardware. By slowly moving the fine focus from the furtherest to the nearest points of the specimen, Mosaic 2 will intelligently join the in-focus parts of the image to generate a picture with an amazing depth of field.

EDF: Use the slider to see the difference.

Image Stitching

Image stitching is like the panorama function on your mobile phone. When moving your stage in either direction, Mosaic 2 uses computational photography to quickly and accurately join sections into one larger image. Ideal for imaging a larger specimen at higher resolution or when the standard field of view isn’t enough.

Live Stitching: the grey areas were not scanned when moving the stage.

Example applications

Biological Blood Vessel 20x
Circuit board
Fluorescence Plant Stem 10x
Pine stem cross section
Rock Section 20x
Stermicroscope Screw 4.5x

Great cameras for most applications

High-speed global shutter for fluorescence imaging

The Michrome 5 Pro is ideally suited for fluorescent applications. The Sony IMX264LQR-C CMOS sensor has offers many advantages over CCD cameras. Its global shutter technology also assists in better and faster computational photography.

Large area array camera for high resolution imaging

The Michrome 20 has a large 1-inch Sony IMX 183CQJ-J sensor and can capture at up to 20 megapixels. This high resolution, large sensor gives excellent image quality.

Great perfroming, high speed, excellent value camera

The Michrome 6 is ideal for most microscopic imaging applications, inclusing phase contrast, dark field and DIC. It is economically priced and fully supported with all the powerful features in Mosaic 2.

Technical information

Technical specifications

Product Michrome 5 Pro Michrome 20 Michrome 6
Sensor Model IMX264LQR-C IMX183CQJ-J IMX178LQJ-C
Sensor Type Colour CMOS
Sensor Size 2/3” 1” 1/1.8”
Pixel Size 3.45 ⨉ 3.45μm 2.4 ⨉ 2.4 μm
Resolution (H ⨉ V) 2448 ⨉ 2048 5472 ⨉ 3648 3072 ⨉ 2048
Frame Rate 35fps ( 2448⨉2048 )
88fps ( 1224⨉1024 )
15fps ( 5472⨉3648 )
53fps ( 2736⨉1824 )
67fps ( 1824⨉1216 )
41fps ( 3072×2048 )
Shutter Mode Global Rolling
Exposure Time 0.13ms – 15s 0.13 – 12s
Auto Setting Exposure Time, Color scale, White Balance
Manual Setting Exposure Time, Gain, Noise, Gamma, FFC
Colour Temp 2000-15000K
Optical Connection C-mount
C-mount Adaptor 0.65⨉ 1.0⨉ 0.5⨉
Digital Connection USB3.0
Size 68 ⨉ 68 ⨉ 47mm
Weight 327g


Powerful software for Mac and Windows

Our Michrome Cameras are perfectly matched with the included Mosaic 2 software to get very high quality computational imaging and image analysis tools. 

Using TWAIN or DirectShow drivers, these cameras can also be connected to other image capture and image analysis tools.

Information sheet

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