Digi Retina 16 High resolution camera


The Digi Retina 16 is a high resolution camera CMOS   USB3.0 camera

Ideal for stereo microscopy application





 Fast data= Fast frame rates

 16 MP (4608x 3456)@ 4fps


   FPGA Dual Processor

The innovative dual FPGA processors, FPGA1 for high definition image quality and FPGA2 for image transfer, guarantees superb quality images at high frame rates.

Camera body



Dual porcessor


16MP High Speed Scientific Camera

Not only beautiful, but also fun to use

The use of a professional image signal processor (ISP), allows high speed recording of ultra dynamic events. Unique raw data output technology ensures the highest quality of the original data stream without compression. DigiRetina16 provides4MP, 25fps preview, and 16MP ultra fine still image capture. Featuring powerful hardware binning and 3D noise reduction technology, the image quality remains excellent even in low light.

 Digi pic with mag


Download brochure:DigiRetina 16 brochure.pdf


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