3D Super EDF Microscope Camera

A smart camera that can directly obtain microscopic 3D images and measure them,
upgrading your microscope’s observation and analysis competence!

3D Super EDF Microscope Camera – Tmetrics C20
The C20 camera integrates features of high integration and flexibility, it can be directly used on reflective
microscopes without any additional modification, the operation is easy to be done and all functions can be
completed via mouse. Its built-in core technology can offer strong smart linkage performance guarantee for
microscopic system: built-in intelligent heterogeneous host can replace computer to carry out plenty of
calculating works directly, and the operation is speedy and stable. Real-time super depth of field and 3D
moulding algorithm can contribute microscopic system to achieve comprehensive three-dimensional
observation and measurement analysis. Meanwhile, the automatically edge recognition algorithm can also
further improve the efficiency of microscopic observation and batch operation.

Wide applications: Equip with metallographic, stereo and other reflective microscopes.
Accuracy measurement: ±2um measuring accuracy for 2D&3D with 10x objective lens.

For More information download TMetrics C20 brochure:

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