HDMI Cameras

HDMI camera

C-mount cameras with HDMI output for eyes-up and presentation applications

Presentation cameras

Presentation cameras are used to project microscopy images onto a larger screen. They can often replace a computer for basic image capture, annotation, and measurement.

  • XCAM0720

    720p | USB2

    A simple, low cost camera for image capture, and projection of a microscope image onto a large screen.

  • XCAM1080

    1080i | USB2 | WIFI | SD Card

    A high definition camera with measurement and annotation features built-in.

    Ideal for connecting to a external display, or use where a computer is impractical.

  • XCAM4K  see also XCAMTOP

    4K | USB3 | WIFI | Ethernet | SDCard | USB Flash Drive

    A high resolution camera with a large sensor, measurement and annotation capabilities, and excellent Ethernet and WiFi capabilities.

Eyes-up working cameras

Eyes-up working cameras are used in addition to or instead of the microscope’s eyepieces. This has significant ergonomic benefits. The additional measurement and annotation features also streamline the operator’s workflow so they can work directly on one screen rather than switching between multiple screens.

  • HD Lite

    1080i | USB2 | SDCard | Low latency and fast refresh

    A simple HDMI camera for image capture, and for working directly on samples while maintaining good posture and reducing eyestrain.

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  • Truechrome Metrics

    1080i | USB2 | SD Card | Low latency | 30FPS

    A high definition camera with measurement and annotation features built-in.

    Perfect for high quality eyes-up imaging or use where a computer is impractical.

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  • Truechrome Metrics AF

    1080i | USB2 | SD Card | Auto-focus | 60FPS

    Very similar to the Truechrome Metrics but with a high HDMI frame rate and auto-focus. Better for machine visions, video-tube, and stereo-micrscopes.



This has fast frame rate and outputs of HDMI,USB2.0,LAN, WiFi via USB LAN. on board storage via SD card and USB memory stick.

available with 4K attachable screen. click on camera link for more information.



This is a USB 3.0 version of above with faster frame rate. Please click on link for more information


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