Eyepiece Cameras

Eyepiece cameras

Simple camera options for all microscopes

Eyepiece cameras are our simplest and most cost effective microscope imaging option. They replace one eyepiece and provide entry level photo and video capture. Will work with any microscope that can accept a 23mm eyepiece and adapters are available for larger eyepieces (30mm, or 30.5mm) with Windows and Macintosh software.

  • Standard eyepiece cameras , TP-SP505

    3MP or 5MP | USB2 | 0.5x Reduction Lens built in for better field of view.

    Our entry level eyepiece cameras are excellent value for money and they all include a reducing lens to provide image that is close to the image as seen in the eyepieces. This provide a clear and professional looking image. Adapters for 30 and 30.5mm eyepieces eyepiece tubes available. Metal cases quality glass lenses.

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  • Eyepiece camera adapters

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