Choosing an Economy Level Camera

In recent times, CMOS sensor technology has rapidly advanced and great performing cameras are available for excellent prices.

We’ve carefully selected a range of cameras that best meet the needs of our customer. We have found cost-effective options for many different applications.

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Economy Level Camera Options

  • GT Series

    Excellent Price to Performance

    Affordable 2, 5, & 12MP USB2 CMOS C-mount cameras.

    Ideal Bright Field  & Phase Contrast camera for documentation and measurement.

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  • C3 Series

    USB3 for fast data transfers

    Inexpensive 5 & 10MP USB3 C-mount cameras.

    Ideal for high speed video capture of Bright Field & Phase Contrast images.

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  • TP Series

    Robust and fast

    Reliable, more sensitive USB3 C-Mount cameras.

    Ideal for use with Stereomicroscopes as the live stitching and EDF functions accommodate the field shift in Stereo-Microscopes.

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Technical Specifications

Range Software Digital Connection EDF LS DF Stereomicroscopes Windows Mac OS Price Range
GT Series Mosaic 2.0 USB2.0 Yes No Not recommended Yes (Measurement)Video Yes Yes
C3 Series ToupView USB3.0 Yes Yes Not recommended Yes (Measurement, Video Capture) Yes Yes
TP Series ToupView USB3.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes (Measurement, Video, live EDF, LS,HDR) Yes Yes


EDF – Extended Depth of Field
LS – Live Stitching
DF – Darkfield
PC – Phase Contrast

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