Choosing an Entry Level Camera

In recent times, CMOS sensor technology has rapidly advanced and great performing cameras are available for excellent prices.

We’ve carefully selected a range of cameras that best meet the needs of our customer. We have found cost-effective options for many different applications.

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Entry Level Camera Options

GT Series

Excellent Price to Performance

Affordable 2, 5, & 12MP USB2 CMOS C-mount cameras. 

Ideal bright field camera for documentation and measurement.

C3 Series

USB3 for fast data transfers

Inexpensive 5 & 10MP USB3 C-mount cameras.

Ideal for high speed video capture of bright field images.

TP Series

Robust and fast

Reliable, more sensitive USB3 C-Mount cameras.

Ideal for use with Stereomicroscopes as the live stitching and EDF functions accommodate the field shift in stereomicroscopes. 

Technical Specifications

Range Software Digital Connection EDF LS DF / PC Stereomicroscopes Windows Mac OS Price Range
GT Series Mosaic 2.0 USB2 No No Not recommended Yes (Measurement) Yes Yes $248+
C3 Series ToupView USB3 No No Not recommended Yes (Measurement, Video Capture) Yes Limited $379+
TP Series ToupView USB3 No No Occasional, but not recommended Yes (Measurement, Video, EDF, LS) Yes Limited $471+


EDF – Extended Depth of Field
LS – Live Stitching
DF – Darkfield
PC – Phase Contrast

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