Choosing an HDMI Camera

Here is a quick reference guide of our HDMI Cameras. The key feautures are summarised here. If you need any assistance, please contact us.

All 720 and 1080 models listed below are available with or with out a special high dot pitch, small format display.

HDMI Cameras by Purpose

There are two main classes of HDMI cameras: presentation and eyes up.

Presentation cameras are suited for projecting a microscope image onto a monitor, TV, or projector via HDMI. Ideal for teaching and presenting.

Eyes up cameras have a low latency and update fast so that the operator can manipulate the specimen while it is being displayed. Ideal for operators that spend an extended amount of time using their microscopes and that want to maintain a natural ergonomic position.

Hdmi cameras

Presentation Cameras by Resolution


Presentation Cameras by Network Connection

Presentation cameras can also be used to project a compressed video stream to tablets or computers connected to a network. Observers can save and annotate the images independently of the presenter.


Eyes Up Cameras by Frame Rate

15FPS is the minimum frame rate before movement becomes very noticeable, and is suitable for mostly static observation, like in electronics or gemmology.

Faster frame rates are better suited for more dynamic samples like live biological samples. There is also less eye fatigue produced from higher frame rate cameras.


Eyes Up Cameras by Output

In some application, simultaneous observation on a PC and on the HDMI screen is important.


Technical Specifications Compared

ModelSensor ResolutionImage SizeSensor SizeUSBSD CardNetworkSimultaneousMeasurementAuto Focus
XCAM7202MP1280 x 7201/2.8″Mouse OnlyYes 1NoNoNoNo
XCAM1080B5MP1920 x 10801/1.8″Mouse OnlyYes 1NoWifi & HDMINoYes
XCAM1080E5MP (Global Shutter)1920 x 10801/2″Mouse OnlyYes 1NoWifi & HDMINoYes
HDLITE5MP1920 x 10801/2.5″Mouse or PCYes 2NoNoNoNo
TRUECHROME Metrics6MP3264 x 18361/2.8″Mouse or PCYes 2NoUSB & HDMIYesNo
TRUECHROME Metrics AF6MP3264 x 18361/2.8″Mouse or PCYes 2NoUSB & HDMIYesYes
XCAM4K88MP3840 x 21601/1.06″Mouse & Mass StorageYes 1Wifi & EthernetNetwork & HDMIYesNo
XCAM4K1616MP3840 x 21601/1.8″Mouse & Mass StorageYes 1Wifi & EthernetNetwork & HDMIYesNo

1 SD Card not included. 2 SD Card included.

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