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Mirror Mapping Stereoscope

Geoscope Standard – Mirror Stereoscope

Australian Design Award Winner
These Stereoviewers have been designed and manufactured with the aim of providing you with quality at an affordable price.
Please contact us for pricing details.
The materials used including, ABS plastic, chrome surface mirrors and crown glass lenses ensure sharp, clear images and an instrument that will endure the rigors of use and time. Combined with our unique compact design they are ideal for use in the office and field. Over 30,000 Geoscopes have been sold to professionals and students world-wide in many varied disciplines.


The Geoscope mirror stereoscope is constructed from tough and durable ABS plastic, chrome surface mirrors and crown glass lenses making it suitable for the rigors of class rooms, field and office work. The use of high quality mirrors and lenses ensure crystal clear images at a fraction of the cost of its competitorsThe Standard Geoscope mirror stereoscope includes:
  • 1.2X Magnification Eyepiece
  • Parallax Wedge
  • Carry Case
  • Specifications:
  • Materials: Tough, durable ABS plastic for all parts.
  • Mirrors: Surface coated long lasting chrome mirrors give crystal clear images.
  • Magnification: Image is magnified 1.2X by the eyepiece. Crown glass lenses.
  • Size In use: 210mm high, 170mm wide and 590mm long.
  • Size in Storage: 350mm long, 170mm wide and 60mm high.
  • Coverage: Covers the entire 60% overlap of aerial photos.
  • Storage: Comes with an ABS plastic container.
  • Parallax wedge: Has 5 scales around edges and allows measurement of irregular shapes and height.
  • Weight: 1.5kg
Model SA-001 – Standard
Geoscope Pro – Mirror Stereoscope

SA-300 Stereoscope 

Light, Compact, Durable and Affordable The Geoscope Pro mirror stereoscope is constructed from tough and durable ABS plastic, chrome surface mirrors and crown glass lenses making it suitable for the rigors of field and office work. Used by Professionals around the world for its light and compact construction, quality and price.The Geoscope Pro mirror stereoscope includes:

  • 4X Binocular Eyepiece
  • 1.2X Magnification Eyepiece
  • Parallax Wedge
  • Carry Case


  • Materials: Tough, durable ABS plastic for all parts.
  • Mirrors: Surface coated long lasting chrome mirrors give crystal clear images.
  • Magnification:Size In use: 210mm high, 170mm wide and 590mm long.
    • 4x Binocular Eyepiece: 2.75 dioptre X 8mm. Field of view 12.5 degrees.
    • 1.2X Eyepiece: Plano convex lenses. Crown Glass lenses.
  • Size in Storage: 350mm long, 170mm wide and 60mm high.
  • Coverage: Covers the entire 60% overlap of aerial photos.
  • Storage: Comes with an ABS plastic container.
  • Parallax wedge: Has 5 scales around edges and allows measurement of irregular shapes and height.
  • Weight: 1.6kg
Model SA-300
Geoscope Pro Kit – Mirror Stereoscope

2X and 4X Pocket Stereoscopes

Ideal for Students Our pocket stereoscopes are ideal for students and professionals as a field and office tool. The use of high quality glass lenses and strong construction ensures top quality images.Specifications:

  • Materials: Tough, durable ABS plastic for all parts.
  • Legs: High Grade Stainless steel.
  • Lenses: Crown glass lenses.
  • Magnification: 2X and 4X available (2X advisable for schools)
  • Storage: Vinyl plastic pocket.
  • Weight: 0.12kg
Model  SA-020 – 2x magnification
Model SA-030 – 4x magnification


Laboratory Thermometers

305mm long Red Spirit filling or Mercury
Range -10ºC/+110°C

(Other temp rangers and accuracies are available)

Code:  ZL-L0109C/10 – Mercury

Code: ZL-0131/C – Red Spirit


HydrometersA range of specific gravity hydrometers available for various applications.

Whirling Pattern Psychrometer230mm x 50mm. Robust yellow plastic frame with folding handle. Plastic water cistern.  Both Mercury and Red spirit (replaceable) tubes. Supplied with hygrometric tables & spare wick. -5° to +50°C availableCode: P2520 – Mercury 

Code: P2528 – Red Spirit  Special price $90.00 ex GST

Code: P2524 – Carry Case

Spare thermometers in stock

Masons Hanging Pattern320mm x 80mm. Quality polypropylene plastic case with lid and bulb protectors.Detachable plastic water cistern. Red Spirit filled tubes mounted on metal scale.Supplied with hygrometric tables, spare wick and mounting screws.

Range: -5/50°C

Code: P2505 

Maximum/Minimum ThermometerPush button maximum/minimum registering thermometer. Wall mounting housed in plastic case with instructions for use.
Range  -40° to +50°C




ZEAL have a 120 year history of manufacturing and supplying thermometers, from general purpose to disposable thermometers, hydrometers, hygrometers, flowmeters and pressure gauges/recorders to Medical, Scientific, Industrial and Research Institutions.


Moisture Meters

Survey Encounter

Tramex world’s most advanced meter for measuring moisture in wood, dry-wall, plaster, brick, roofing, siding and other construction materials
The Tramex Survey Encounter gives you:
The Survey Encounter incorporates the latest PIC microcontroller to make your job much more efficient.
Non-destructive readings
Stores up to 625 readings in 25 files
Accurate moisture readings from 5 to 30% in wood
Relative readings in walls, roofing and many other construction materials.
Automatic correction for density and temperature
Library of 32 wood species plus 3 wall and 3 roofing types
Dot Matrix LCD display
Readings can be recalled and displayed on LCD
The Survey Encounter comes complete with customised software and PC interface so you can:
Download recorded readings to your PC.
Transfer stored data to your word-processing or spreadsheet program for analysis or incorporation in your report writing.
Edit any of the 32 wood species in the instrument library from 300 species in the software.



Concrete Encounter CME4

for measuring moisture content … instantly… in concrete floors and floor screeds without the need to drill or damage the surface.   SCREEDS AND CONCRETE FLOORS MUST BE DRY BEFORE THE FLOOR COVERING IS INSTALLED

Regular checking of moisture content during the drying out period of a new concrete floor or floor screed is important to ensure it has reached sufficient dryness to accept the floor covering.
Excess moisture in the concrete could cause latent problems such as condensation or failure of the adhesive under the floor covering.
The Concrete Encounter 4 will give you an instant reading of moisture content up to 6% concrete; up to 0 – 10 comparative on gypsum screed enabling you to make an informed decisions on when to install the floor covering.
To use, simply switch on and hold the instrument firmly against the surface. As many non-destructive tests as you need can be carried out in seconds without the need to drill or damage the concrete.

If you are interested in the Flooring Inspection Kit, please note that it includes both the Concrete Moisture Encounter 4 and the Professional Moisture Meter.


The Skipper Plus

The SKIPPER Plus non-destructive moisture meter provides a complete, safe method for detecting excess moisture in GRP and wooden boats. Three scales of sensitivity allow moisture detection in salt or fresh water.

How it works:
The Skipper Plus moisture meter detects moisture in wood or GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) by measuring the resistance between two low frequency AC signals transmitted from the soft rubber electrodes on the base of the instrument.
Because salt water is more conductive than fresh water, the Skipper is fitted with different ranges of sensitivity to allow testing of wood or GRP in either fresh or salt water environments.
Simply select the correct scale:
Scale 1: Moisture content in hardwood for fresh water (%H20))
Scale 2: Moisture in GRP (Comparative)
Scale 3: Surface Moisture(Comparative)

Gerber Gear

For a full range of Gerber Knives and Multi tools

Please check out the web page and contact us for pricing and stock.

(Please note that not all equipment is imported into Australia with many knives restricted.)

General Tools

General Tools

Please download attached brochure for more information on General Instruments      General Tools Catalogue.pdf

A range of inexpensive tools for various applications of measuring and inspection.
These include
Vernia Calipers                                                                                         Digital Calipers
Micrometers Digital Micrometers
Digital and vernier angle protractors
Digital Moisture Meters Digital IR Thermometer
Digital Themometer/ Hygrometer                                                                                          Digital Airflow Meter
Inspection Mirrors                                                                                 LED Illuminated Magnifiers 3x with
Video Borescopes Screw driver sets

TRC-HTC Hand counter 4 digit                      TRC-DTC Desk counter 4 digit                                       

For more technical information and other models please look at pdf brochure link

at top or bottom of this page.

General Tools Catalogue.pdf

Carl Zeiss Jena components

We were the Australian agents for Carl Zeiss Jena and have a range of Microscope and Slit Lamp and Surgery Microscope accessories available.
Carl Zeiss Jena was also marketed under the name JenaOptik in some countries.

Listed below are some of the items in stock please contact us for special pricing.

Microscopes: A range of objectives for infinity 250 CF series of achromat and plan achromat.

These have  M25x0.75mm thread size (these objectives fit Nikon newer models CFI60s.(may not be par focal)

Various eyepieces and other parts please contact us.

These suited JenaLab, JenaMed, Jenaval stands.

Achromat type:

5x, 10x, 40x, HI 100x

Plan achromat:

2.5x, 10x/0.2, 20x/0.40, 25x/0.5, 40x/0.65, HI 100x/1.30


HI 25x/0.65/0 (oil) POL

HI 50x/1.0/0 (oil ) Sold

PL 90x/0.9/0  (no oil no cover glass)

HI100x/1.30/0 POL


12.5x /0.35 Sold

Plan Apochomatic:

25x /0.65,

FL 50x/0.95, SOLD

(Differential Interference Contrast) Kits, Dark Field Condensers:

Phase kits for Jenamed achromat and Plan achromat may not be complete.

Large Range of phase contrast objectives Achromat and Plan

Jenaval phase kit plan achromatic complete. SOLD

Sedival inverted phase kit Plan achromatic complete.

Sedival Inverted DIK kit complete. SOLD

Jenavert (incident light DIK Kit for Apochromatic   SOLD

Jenamed various Dark field slides and oblique light slides.

JENAVAL Darfield condenser oil type.

JENAVAL Ergonmic adjustable top arm for Bino head SOLD

JENAVAL Drawing Tube fits under Binocular head new in box SOLD

Eyepieces to suit 23mm and 30mm eyepiece tubes, please  contact us.

Binocular heads for 23mm eyepieces.

Fluorescence cubes for JenaMed and Jenaval 510/ 570

Accessories for Carl Zeiss Jena SlitLamp 110.

Endothelium attachment

Scale Viewing attachment

Attachment for measuring thickness of cornea

Attachment for measuring depth of anterior chamber

For Carl Zeiss Jena surgery  microscopes.

Monocular co-observation tubes with beam splitter

Binocular co-observation tube with beam splitter.

Various circuit boards for 214F foot controlled surgery microscope.
Various fibre optic light guides for 212F and 214F models

I- 802 Iridiology Camera

I-802 1.3MP USB camera for Iridiology










This USB2.0 capture device allows for the capture of still, movies onto your computer.

Ø Illumination control of 2 LED’s is conveniently positioned on the cord with capture button.

Ø Large scroll focus knob allows quick and easy focussing.

Ø 1.3 MP cmos camera 1280 x1024 with 2 variable bright LED’s with windows
capture software Watch View. Capture: Stills, Movies and Time-lapse.

Ø Annotate and measure on image.

  • Ø Save, e-mail your images, copy into reports, import into other programs.
  • Ø Direct show Windows drivers can be used inside other supportive programs.

Price $175.00 ex GST

Download brochure: Iridiology USB Camera

Fibre optic light sources

M-LGY20W Fibre Optic Cold Light Source

The M-LGY20W is an affordable, reliable and quiet 20W LED cold light source. It is ideal for illuminating heat sensitive samples, or where even and consistent light is needed. It is an upgraded version of the previous LGY15W.

Technical Specifications

Power20W LED Lamp
Input Voltage100V-240V, 50Hz-60Hz
Colour Temperature6000K
Cooling WayLarge internal heat sink and fan
Lamp Life50,000 hours
Optical Fibre Interface16mm
Size230 × 102 × 150mm
Mass2.4 kgs (Light guide not included)

Light Guide Options

M-CL-SINGLESingle Point Light Guide640mmYes
M-CL-DUALDual Point Light Guide590mmYes
M-CL-RLRing Light Guide990mmNo

Fibre Optic Light Sources.pdf

Microscope Warm Stages

Scientific Instruments can supply your microscope with a warm stage for embryo work.

Please contact us for pricing and more information.

BK5000 T Phase with LEC warm stage










The LEC 916 stage controller has an independent warm stage on top of the controller to keep your samples at the correct temperature before viewing your sample.




M100FBM Junior Student Microscope

M-100FBM only for your info.

 M-M100FBM Binocular microscope with Mechanical Stage,

Ideal for Schools, Students & Hobbyists

Binocular Microscope 360 deg rotatable.

Rechargeable LED variable illumination. 4x AA NIMH batteries

  • Featuring WF 10x eyepieces
  • Objectives 4x,10x,40x (spring loaded) in quadruple nosepiece.
  • 65 abbe condenser with iris diaphragm with filter holder.
  • Mechanical stage dual layer with coaxial controls
  • Course and fine focus focusing mechanism
  • Supplied with plug pack transformer

 Brochure :M-M100FBM Binocular.pdf

Illuminated Magnifiers


LSX Magnifier with 3 diopter 160 mm diameter lens.

illumination 22w watt circular Fluorescent
Reach 830mm
supplied with G clamp base

LSX- lens
LSM12 Heavy floor base available.


LSZ Magnifier


LSZ  Magnifier with 3 diopter rectangular swiveling lens 160 x 105mm
Reach 960mm
Illumination: 3x 9W PL shadowless light switchable settings 9w, 18w, 27w.
Supplied with G type clamp base
LSM 12 Heavy floor base available

Download pdf :LSX & LSZ magnifiers pdf

Measuring Magnifiers



PM121 series
PM121 series

Portable Shop Microscopes
Available in 20, 40x, 50x, 100x.
With Scale and penlight

The PM 121 series of portable measuring microscopes allows direct reading of measurements in mm or inches. a penlight provides illumination. Heights or thickness can be measured as the focusing ring is graduated. I div =0.1mm.

Eyepiece cameras can be fitted for documentation, please ask.Use TP-SP300

For more information download pdf.PM121 series pdf










 PM Measuring Microscope


PM shop microscopes          Download information pdf:PM Shop Microscopes


P/N Name Description
M112231 20X Portable Measuring Microscope with Penlight

With 10X Eyepiece and 2X Objective Lens,Total Mag. 20X, Measurement Reticle,

battery-powered Lighting (2 AAA Batteries)

PM113231 40X Portable Measuring Microscope with Penlight

With 10X Eyepiece and 4X Objective Lens,Total Mag. 40X, Measurement Reticle,

battery-powered Lighting (2 AAA Batteries)

PM114231 50X Portable Measuring Microscope with Penlight

With 10X Eyepiece and 5X Objective Lens,Total Mag. 50X, Measurement Reticle,

battery-powered Lighting (2 AAA Batteries)

PM117231 100X Portable Measuring Microscope with Penlight

With 10X Eyepiece and 10X Objective Lens,Total Mag. 100X, Measurement Reticle,

battery-powered Lighting (2 AAA Batteries


 R-M701           10x with scale

Code R-M701  10X  21mm glass lens Pocket Comparator.
loupe contains a  model is linear line measurements

Total scale 30mm usable 20mm scale marked in mm with 0.1 mm div.

cross with centre zero

type 2 scale











Lutron Fruit gauge
Digital Fruit Tester

Lutron Weather Meter
Weather Meter












Lutron manufacture a large range of economical instruments for a wide range of measurements.

These include recording data and computer programs for viewing of data.

List of instruments include:

Air Quality meters with Oxygen ,Carbon Dioxide, humidity probes




Environment Meters

Force gauges

Fruit Hardness Testers

Heat Index


Light Meters, Lux Meters

Power meters

Pressure Control Meters

Revolution counters RPM


Sound Level meters


Thermometers Contact probe and Infrared.

UV Light Meters

Vibration Meters

Vacuum Meters


As there is a large range of instruments many with multi functions, as well as data recording facility, please contact us with you instrument requirements so we may forward relevant documents and a quotation.

Go to Lutron web site and select the instrument for your application


Microscope Slides prepared

Slides prepared and plain with a range of cover slips are in stock.

We stock boxes of 50 slides glass in wooden boxes as set out below ideal for school and general interest.

PRICED at  $85.00 ex GST for box of 50

slide box 50

M-PS-3610 Prepared Glass Slide Set of 50 in wooden box



1 Pine Leaf (cross section) 1 Ascarid Egg, w.m.
2 Zea Stem (longitudinal section) 2 Aspergillus, w.m.
3 Leaf of Winter Jasmine (cross section) 3 Cabbage (Hydrilla Verticillata), l.s.
4 Coprimus Mushroom Set (cross section) 4 Coprinus Mushroom Set, c.s.
5 Sunflower Stem (cross section) 5 Cotton Stem, c.s.
6 Young Root of Broad Bean (cross section) 6 Cucurbita Stem, l.s.
7 Penicillium (whole mount) 7 Dandelion Fuzz, w.m.
8 Onion Epidermis (whole mount) 8 Dense Connective Tissue, sec.
9 Tilia Stem (cross section) 9 Dog Cardiac Muscle, l.s.
10 Cucurbita Stem (longitudinal section) 10 Dog Esophagus, c.s.
11 Pumpkin Stem (cross section) 11 Dog Skeletal Muscle, l.s. & c.s.
12 Lillium Ovary (cross section) 12 Dog Small Intestine, sec
13 Lillium Anther (cross section) 13 Dog Smooth Muscle, l.s. & c.s.
14 Stomata-Vicia Faba Leaf (whole mount) 14 Dog Squamous Epitheblium, w.m.
15 Zea Stem (cross section) 15 Dog Stomach, sec.
16 Teminal Bud Stem Tip (longitudinal section) 16 Earthworm, c.s.
17 Aspergillus (whole mount) 17 Honeybee Leg, w.m.
18 Nymphaea of Apustio Stem (cross section) 18 Honeybee Mouth Parts, w.m.
19 Nymphaea (Spongy Tissue) (cross section) 19 Honeybee Wings, w.m.
20 Dandelion Fuzz (whole mount) 20 Housefly Mouth Parts, w.m.
21 Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf (whole mount) 21 Human Blood, smear
22 Pine Stem (cross section) 22 Hydra, l.s
23 Cotton Stem (cross section) 23 Hydrilla Verticillata Leaf, w.m.
24 Silver Berry Scaly Hair (whole mount) 24 Leaf of Winter Jasmine, c.s.
25 Paddy Pollen (whole mount) 25 Lillium Anther, c.s.
26 Dog Squamous Epithelium (whole mount) 26 Lillium Ovary, c.s.
27 Dog Esophagus (cross section) 27 Locust Wing, w.m.
28 Rabbit Lymph Node (section) 28 Loose Connective Tissue, w.m.
29 Human Blood (smear) 29 Mantis Wing, w.m.
30 Dog Skeletal, Muscle (longitudinal section & cross section) 30 Nymphasa (Spongy Tissue), c.s.
31 Pig Motor Nerve (whole mount) 31 Nymphasa Apustio Stem, c.s.
32 Dog Small Intestine (section) 32 Onion Epidermis, w.m.
33 Rabbit Spinal Cord (cross section) 33 Penicillium, w.m.
34 Rabbit Testis (section) 34 Pig Motor Nerve, w.m.
35 Loose Connective Tissue (section) 35 Pine Leaf, c.s.
36 Dog Cardiac Muscle (longitudinal section) 36 Pine Pollen, w.m.
37 Ascrid Egg (whole mount) 37 Pine Stem, c.s.
38 Rabbit Hyaline Cartilage (section) 38 Pumpkin Stem, c.s.
39 Dense Connective Tissue (section) 39 Rabbit Artery and Vein, c.s.
40 Honeybee Mouth Parts (whole mount) 40 Rabbit Hyaline Cartilage, sec.
41 Honeybee Worker Leg-Composite (whole mount) 41 Rabbit Lympy Node, sec.
42 Hydra (longitudinal section) 42 Rabbit Testis, sec.
43 Drosophila-Female (whole mount) 43 Stomata-Vicia Faba Leaf, w.m.
44 Honeybee Leg (whole mount) 44 Sunflower Stem, c.s.
45 Honeybee Wings (whole mount) 45 Tilia Stem, c.s.
46 Rabbit Artery and Vein (cross section) 46 Wool Sheep, w.m.
47 Housefly Mouth Parts (whole mount) 47 Rabbit Spinal Cord, c.s.
48 Dog Stomach (section) 48 Young Root of Broad Bean, c.s.
49 Dog Smooth Muscle (longitudinal section & cross section) 49 Zea Stem, c.s.
50 Drosophila-Male (whole mount) 50 Zea Stem, l.s.


Download pdf of prepared slides sets of 50 :Prepared Slides M-PS-3610.pdf






















M-TCS-1 heated stage

The M-TCS-1 Warm stage is an inexpensive stage ideal for most microscopes for Biological specimens in order to keep a desired temperature constant for the specimen.

It can be fitted to both compound and stereoscopic microscope (with the addition of rubber feet).


1.  Specification

  •   Input: 110V/60HZ or 240V/50HZ, AC
  •  Power:  50W
  •  Temperature controlling range: 50C(> room temperature) to 50C
  •   Temperature setting division: 1C
  •  Temperature displaying division: 0.1C
  •   Various between setting and displaying temperature: <+/-1C
  •  Various between actual stage temperature and displaying temperature: <+/-1C


2.  Standard outfit

  •  Temperature Controller: 2 LED digital display screens and two touching buttons for adjusting temperature, ON/OFF switch at the rear
  • Temperature controlled stage: built-in heater and heat sensor with the size of 150mm x 130mm x 5.8mm
  •   Electric cord: 1pc
  •   Adhesive tape:  1 roll
  •  Spare fuse: 2 pcs


M-TCS-1 Warm Stage for microscopes

Digital Penetrometers

GY-4 Digital Pentrometer with USB Connection

GY-4 Series fruit penetrometer is designed for inspecting the hardness of the fruits, such as banana, apple, pear, strawberry, grape and so on. Rechargeable and with DB9 Serial connection and windows software for data logging.

Measuring stand available.

Lutron Fruit Hardness Tester

Lutron Fruit gauge  


Lutron Model Fruit hardness tester Model FR 5105

Supplied with 11mm,8mm,6mm, 3mm measuring tips

In hard carry case.

Please download product information:FR-5105 fruit hardness.pdf


Technical Specifications

Model Range Units Resolution Accuracy Insertion Depth Probe Diameter Digital Interface
FR–5105 0 – 5
0.01 newton
0.05 oz.
± 0.4% + 1 digit 3mm, 6mm, 8mm, 11mm USB2
GY–4 0 – 20 kg
±0.01 ± 0.5% 10mm 3.5mm, 8mm, 11mm USB2

Fruit Penetrometers

We have a range of fruit Penetrometers available from basic dial type to Digital type.


Fruit Penetrometers, Fruit Hardness Tester

Fruit penetrometer
GY fruit
GY Series Fruit Penetrometers with 3 models: GY-1, GY-2, GY-3, These are used for inspecting the hardness of the fruits, such as apple, pear, strawberry, grape and so on. Judging the hardness and maturity of the fruits best selection for  export, transport, processing, etc. They are widely used for fruit research department, fruit companies, fruit farm, college and so on.
 3 models available, different hardness for different fruit

GY-1 for Bananas,Berries, Cherries, Grapes, or similar.

GY-2 for Apricots, Peaches,Plums, Citrus, Melons,Persimmons, Tomatoes

GY-3 is supplied with 2 tips for Avocados,Pears,Nectarines,Kiwi Fruit or Apples

 Download information pdf:GY-1-2-3 Fruit Penetrometers.pdf

 R-GYDSmeasuring fruit

The Drill Stand with penetrometer for fruit hardness tester either GY-1, GY-2, GY-3

The stand allows more accurate hardness testing with slow controlled insertion of penetrometer into the fruit. It also eliminates sideways force from non vertical penetration.

The GY Penetrometers feature a resettable maximum force indicator hand to show max force reading.




 Download information pdf:R-GYDS-GYx brochure




Gy on stand
Stand for GY-1,GY-2, GY-3 R-GPA

Test Stand for R-GPA- series

This stand can be used for GY-Series fruit penetrometer.

Stand weight: 15kgs.


Digital Model GY-4 GY-4 digital

GY-4 Fruit Penetrometer

GY-4 Digital Fruit Penetrometer which is to measure the hardness of apples, pears, strawberries and grapes, etc. It is a suitable instrument for fruit companies, fruit farm, fruit research institutions to test the ripeness of fruits. With compact size, low weight and digital reading, it is suitable to use on the scene. It also can be applied with its matched test stands (HPA Test Stand) to improve the accuracy.

Note stand available for G4 below.

Technical Specifications:

Model GY-4 
Load limit 20kgs
Load resolution 0.01kg
Accuracy ±0.5%
Unit N, kg, lb,
Interface RS-232-USB
Battery Ni-Hi 7.2V 1800mAh
Power supply Input110~240V 50-60Hz 200mA Output9.4V 600mA
Sensor high precision sensor
Working temperature 5°C~35°C
Transporting temperature -10°C~60°C
Comparative humidity 15%~80%RH
Working environment No shaking and no causticity
Pressure Diameter 3.5mm 8mm 11mm
Pressure Depth 10mm
Weight 1.5kgs
Dimension L245mm * W66mm * H36mm

Test stand GY-4   Part No. R-GPB
Stand for GY-4 Part No.R-GPB

Truechrome Metrics with measurements

screen with measTruechrome  Metrics

HD Lite Retina Screen
HD Lite Retina Screen




The Truechrome Metrics allows users to measure a range of parameters live on screen without a computer being attached. The data can be saved in Excel or txt format. Images with measurements can be saved onto the on-board SD card. The Menu is mouse driven.

meas windowThe software allows upto 10 spatial calibrations to be stored for the various objectives.

Simply select the tool and measure


Download Metrics brochure:Truechrome Metrics.pdf

HD Lite

The HD Lite is a low cost high performance HDMI (1080P) or USB camera (2MP). The camera can be used as a standalone with mouse input with its own SD card to capture stills and movies @ 15FPS.

Advanced In-Camera Software

  • One click HD video recording

  • Powerful exposure control

  • Simple mouse driven control

  • Region of Interest magnification

  • 3d noise reduction

  • Side by side image comparison

A low latency camera ideal for eyes-up work

  • Output to HDMI, USB, or SD Card

  • 1/2.5″ 5MP CMOS sensor

  • Compact and capable

Technical specifications

Sensor CMOS
Sensor Size 1/2.5”
Preview Resolution 5MP (2592×1944)
Capture Resolution 5MP (2592×1944)
Frame Rate 15fps@USB2.0 15fps@HDMI
Capture SD card(8G)
Video Recording 15fps@SD 15fps@PC
Exposure Mode Auto/Manual
Exposure Time 2ms~10s
White Balance Auto/Manual
Setting White Balance, Exposure Time Noise, Reduction, Gain, Gamma, WDR
Software In camera: Cloud 1.0 Ver
PC and Mac OS Software: Mosaic V2
Data Interface USB2.0,SD,HDMI
Digital Interface Windows 7/8/10(32/64bit)
Optical Port Standard C-Mount
Camera Size 90.7×74.5×67.2(mm)
Camera Weight 272g

Documents and downloads


TP-XFCAM1080PHD is both simultaneously a HDMI and a WiFi camera.



Users can connect at least 3x  WiFi devices of  either Windows, Mac, Android to view the microscope image at full 1080P (1920 x 1080)

and capture the image or movie, at the same time view on HDMI screen.

Ideal for demonstration and teaching application.

Supplied with USB Wifi transmitter. When using the USB mouse in HDMI mode, measurements, auto Focus function etc can be used.

For more info download brochure:TP-XFCAM1080PHD HDMI with Wifi and auto focus.pdf


MXFMS Metalurgical Incident light Microscope

The Versatile MXFM series is available as Bright field MXFMS or Dark Field MXFMS-BD.

          The Pillar stand allows for larger specimens with a post height of 280mm

          Course and fine coaxial focusing provides precision adjustment.

DarkField , Polarisation and DIC provides user with excellent images of difficult samples

Large range of infinity Long Working Distance objectives available 5x,10x,20x,50x,100x.

A range of C mounts available to add a camera to capture digital images

Download pamphlet for more information:MXFM incident light.pdf

Michrome Microscope Camera Series

Michrome Cameras feature high quality Sony CMOS sensors, dual core signal processing, fast USB3.0 data transfer, and high sensitivity.

These cameras are ideally suited for more demanding microscopic imaging techniques like dark field, phase contrast, DIC, and fluorescence.

Available in three resolution options, the Michrome range has an option to suit most applications.

  • Michrome 5 Pro

    Very sensitive with a global shutter, this is an ideal camera for fluorescence applications.

  • Michrome 20

    Large sensor, high resolution camera for applications that need high fidelity images that have headroom for digital magnification.

  • Michrome 16

    An affordable, higher resolution camera with 1/2.3″ sensor.

  • Michrome 6

    A cost effective camera the brings the advanced image processing capabilities of Mosaic to general purpose microscopy.

Key features

Extended Depth of Field

Extended Depth of Field is a modern, quick and effective replacement to z-stacking hardware. By slowly moving the fine focus from the furtherest to the nearest points of the specimen, Mosaic 2 will intelligently join the in-focus parts of the image to generate a picture with an amazing depth of field.

EDF: Use the slider to see the difference.

Image Stitching

Image stitching is like the panorama function on your mobile phone. When moving your stage in either direction, Mosaic 2 uses computational photography to quickly and accurately join sections into one larger image. Ideal for imaging a larger specimen at higher resolution or when the standard field of view isn’t enough.

Live Stitching: the grey areas were not scanned when moving the stage.

Example applications

  • Biological Blood Vessel 20x

  • Circuit board

  • Fluorescence Plant Stem 10x

  • Pine stem cross section

  • Rock Section 20x

  • Stermicroscope Screw 4.5x

Great cameras for most applications

High-speed global shutter for fluorescence imaging

The Michrome 5 Pro is ideally suited for fluorescent applications. The Sony IMX264LQR-C CMOS sensor has offers many advantages over CCD cameras. Its global shutter technology also assists in better and faster computational photography.

Large area array camera for high resolution imaging

The Michrome 20 has a large 1-inch Sony IMX 183CQJ-J sensor and can capture at up to 20 megapixels. This high resolution, large sensor gives excellent image quality.

Great perfroming, high speed, excellent value camera

The Michrome 6 is ideal for most microscopic imaging applications, inclusing phase contrast, dark field and DIC. It is economically priced and fully supported with all the powerful features in Mosaic 2.

Technical information

Technical specifications  see brochure below


Powerful software for Mac and Windows

Our Michrome Cameras are perfectly matched with the included Mosaic 2 software to get very high quality computational imaging and image analysis tools.

Using TWAIN or DirectShow drivers, these cameras can also be connected to other image capture and image analysis tools.

Information sheet

Michrome Brochure: MIchrome Series sios

BH200M – Incident Light Microscope

BH200M Incident Light Microscope is an instrument specifically designed for metallurgical work. It has a large frame and stage platform which makes it a better option for frequent use as it is easier to place and move specimen, while also maintaining operator comfort.

Optically and mechanically, the BH200M is an excellent choice for use in a fixed installation especially when processing a larger volume of samples.


Eyepieces 10×/18mm, one with graticule
Objectives Long working distance
5×/15.5mm, 10×/8.7mm, 20×/8.8mm, 50×/5.1mm
Illumination Centerable 6V/30W Halogen Incident Light Source
Stage Size 180 × 145mm
Stage Movement 50 × 76mm
Power Supply 90 – 240Vac
Warranty Microscope – 3 years.

Options and accessories

  • 100× LWD objective
  • C-mount adaptors: 1× 0.5× 0.3×
  • USB Cameras


BH200M Summary

Nexcope NE900 Clinical Microscope

The NE900 series is our best microscope for professional pathology, research and clinical use. Thoughtfully designed and robustly engineered, the NE900 series is set to maximise return on investment, efficient work flows and operator comfort.


In the recommended configuration, the NE900 series has an ergo tilting (0° to 35°) trinocular head with a 3 position beam splitter (0:100, 80:20, 100:0). 30° Siedentopf bi- and trinocular viewing heads are also available.

The co-axial focus controls are in a low position, close to the height and tension adjustable co-axial stage adjustment. The fine focus knobs are magnetically attached so that the large and small profile knobs can be switched easily.

The NE900 series has a large mechanical stage (190 × 152mm) with a durable Gorilla Glass insert. This pairs with a convex point guided slide holder to make placing and removing slides easy. A focus lock function further simplifies your work flow.

Optical Performance

The NE900 series has a bright, flat, and high resolution infinite optical path.

Plan Objectives

The N-PLN plan objectives deliver high contrast images from visible through to NIRS wavelengths.

Fluorescence Objectives

N-PLFN objectives are Apochromatic and designed for fluorescence use from UV through to IR spectra. These are highly sensitive lenses that provide excellent acuity and colour reproduction when viewing directly or for digital imaging.

Phase Contrast Objectives

N-PLM PH are high quality phase contrast objectives that provide a flat, even image over their 25mm FOV when used for bright field or transmitted light techniques.


Very bright SW10x/25 high eye point, super wide field eyepieces are included as standard equipment. Other magnification and field of view options are available as accessories.

Illumination & Condenser

Illumination is provided by your choice of either a 3W LED or a 12v/100w halogen. A swing top condenser (NA 0.9/0.25) reduces time required to reset after changing objectives.

Customisable Platform

The NE910 is highly customisable to match the operator’s preferences. The base configuration includes:

  • tension adjustments for focus and stage movement,
  • magnetically attached fine focus knob for placement on either side,
  • height adjustment for stage movement, and
  • left or right handed placement of the beam splitter control.

At time of ordering, the following options can be specified:

  • light source type (3W LED or 12v 100W Halogen),
  • left or right handed stage movement controls,
  • glass insert type (Gorilla Glass or sapphire crystal glass), and
  • viewing head type
    • 30° Siedentopf Binocular,
    • 30° Siedentopf Trinocular, or
    • 0° to 35° Ergo Tilting Trinocular.

Options, Upgrades & Accessories

The NE900 series is a very well supported platform for multiple techniques. Dark field (dry or oil) condensers, phase contrast, polarizer, and fluorescence kits are all available.

To further improve workflow efficiencies, and ergonomic benefits, the NE930 adds a motorised nosepiece, motorised swing out condenser, and quick change buttons to select objective and light intensity presets.

The NE950 is available for fluorescence microscopy with 6 filter blocks and a 100W mercury illuminator.


The below prices exclude GST and freight. They are for basic configurations, and will change as we adapt them to suit your needs.


  • 30° Fixed Binocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –
  • 30° Fixed Trinocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –
  • Tilting Ergo-Head Trinocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –


NE900 series with auto-swing condenser, sapphire glass condenser, motorised turret and illumination control.

  • 30° Fixed Binocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –
  • 30° Fixed Trinocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –
  • Tilting Ergo-Head Trinocular with 100W halogen or 3W LED –


This the fluorescence model – Price on request.


We over a comprehensive two year warranty which covers manufacturers defects. Locally supported, with a commitment to keeping spare parts locally.

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