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Microscope Service & Support

We support all makes and models of optical instruments and microscopes

We work closely with our friend at Optical Repairs. Malcolm has extensive experience servicing, supporting, and even rebuilding all kinds of microscopes, optical instruments, field and sporting optics. We use and recommend Optical Repairs for all of our microscope repair, preventative maintenance, and servicing needs. Malcolm is fully qualified, factory trained, and recognised for NATA and quality system compliance.

More about microscope servicing.

About Scientific Instrument & Optical Sales

  • Experience

    Established in 1967

    SIOS started in 1967 and has been supporting the local scientific community ever since.

  • Excellence

    Benefit from our expertise and experience

    We stand behind our products with long warranties and helpful, effective support.

  • Expertise

    The right range at the right price

    Our expertise and access to world-class factories means that we have the best tools in their categories.

  • Efficient

    Helping you work smarter

    Operator comfort, efficient workflows, and great ROIs are strongly considered when we specify new products.

Your satisfaction is our priority

Let Scientific Instrument & Optical Sales help you with your observation, inspection, measurement, and service tools

Scientific instruments and microscopes are really complicated areas. It’s really easy to get overwhelmed by all the options, lingo, and technical data. We’re here to help. We’ll patiently work with you to work out the best solutions for your problem, and then help you get up to speed as quickly as possible. Get in touch!

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